Privacy Policy

Bexley Audio Services is a music and media business which provides creative production services. What Data Do You Collect?


The Company holds email addresses and phone numbers from client correspondents in order to communicate with clients in regard to past, present and future projects.

Full names, phone numbers and email addresses are collected through our contact us form on our website.


Who Is Collecting the Data?


Company Name: Bexley Audio Services


Company Contact – Ian Broughton contact


Data Protection Officer: Ian Broughton contact


How Do You Collect Data? How Is Data Stored?


Data and information provided to us through our promotional signup forms are stored securely behind double authorisation login. We have never and will never share personal data with third parties.

Why Is This Data Being Collected? How Will the Data Be Used?

We store data to communicate directly with individual clients or to contact our customers.

Who Will the Data Be Shared With?

Data collected through our site is for the sole use of Bexley Audio Services only. We will never share data with third parties.