Struggling to turn your musical ideas into radio-ready songs?   

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If you are an acoustic, folk, indie or pop artist,

you focus on the art, I'll focus on the technical


Studio Services

Production, Recording, Mixing, and more


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The Process

Set out below is the process your track will follow so you know what to expect.


Production & Song Development

Together we can take your lyrics/musical ideas and develop melodies, chord progressions and arrangments. You can then take your original songs from paper and rough demo through to a full musical production.



I will help you create and capture your sound using a variety of mics, mic placement and the latest recording technologies.  You can record your music in a relaxed, stress-free and accommodating environment.

Click below for my 10-Step preparation guide for your next recording session.


You want your music to sound the best it possibly can, so together, we will take your recording and turn it into a finished mix that is both radio-ready and something you can be 100% satisfied with.


I will oversee the process of your song creation, from song development to the recording of vocals and/or instruments to create an arrangement in line with your vision.



Using a variety of techniques I will record your song with multiple tracks, or a track at a time, to capture the sound at its source. 


I'll begin to mix your song(s) with your artistic vision and sound in mind, turning the recorded tracks into dynamic mixes.  I will send you a guide to prepare the session files for mixing before you send the files to me.


I will send you the finished mix along with a revision sheet for you to note any changes you may want. This step can be repeated, if necessary.


Once you have signed off on the final mix I will send you the high-quality files, along with any other additional mixes you have requested, ready for mastering.


About me

I'm Ian and my passion is to make your music as good as you want it to be.


I've been involved in music for many years in many forms.  I've been on both sides of the recording desk, so I understand the challenges and excitement of turning an idea into a song you hear on the radio.

I work with artists who are looking to produce professional sounding tracks.  I can also create radio-ready mixes from your DIY recordings.


If you are looking to share your music with the world, then get in touch.

Microphone Sound Editing



"Ian is very helpful and patient. He helps to develop your ideas and turns them into a polished item. A very relaxed atmosphere ensuring that you achieve your goal in a positive way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."


— Stuart Gammon

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"Ian creates a relaxed and fun environment for you to perform and record your songs. His production skills can give you advice on how to get the best from your voice and your music."

— Maria Wade


“Bexley Audio Services, well what can I say brilliant friendly relaxed but professional service. I have recorded many tracks with Ian over the years and will use him again. Looking forward to working with Ian again later this year.”

— Michael Jordan


"I've worked with Ian in bands and other musical collaborations for over 25 years and he has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. He is able to elicit from you, just that bit more that adds to the song, be it a point of music theory or some element of production that lifts the piece."”

— Lee Cox

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